Become a contributor

Benefits of Being a Clippn Contributor

    • Unlimited uploads
    • Discounts for video gear and services
    • Earn 50% of all sales (after distributor commissions)
    • You always own your footage
    • Training, support, and productivity dashboard
    • Ideas of what to shoot
    • Upload anonymously
    • Upload once, distribute through multiple stock footage sites
    • Clippn handles all the clipping, tagging, and distribution
    • Sales dashboard shows sales across all sites

Is Clippn for me?

If you love to shoot with a high quality DSLR, Cinema or GoPro-style camera or if you are sitting on a ton of great footage, then Clippn is for you. Production companies, students, still photographers, and videographers are all Clippn contributors.

Why Shooters Love Clippn

How It Works

    1. Apply to become a Clippn Contributor
    2. Watch our training video (see below)
    3. Upload sample clips
    4. You are either accepted or given feedback to try again
    5. If accepted, you can start uploading immediately

There is a one-time membership fee of $149.95 if you are accepted. Initial period is 18 months, automatically renewable in 12 month increments thereafter.

How to Sell Stock Footage with Clippn