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Repurpose and Monetize Your Video Content

Clippn is a global leader in video curation, clipping, and metadata tagging. We can help you mine and refine your new and archival content to increase usage and create new streams of revenue.

Human and Machine (AI) Workflows

As we stay on the cutting edge of media technology, we recognize that there are some things that you can’t pay a computer to do. That’s where our human taggers come in. They are trained to curate and tag your video content for a variety of end uses. When a computer performs a step faster, better, and cheaper – we can handle that, too, through automated and semi-automated AI workflows. 

Customized Workflows

Our cloud-based platform is flexible, scalable, and robust, designed to integrate with a variety of terrestrial and cloud-based servers and media asset management systems. We customize workflows to suit each project’s individual needs in the most efficient way, so we can add value to your content at every step.

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