Repurpose and Monetize Your Video Archive

Are you sitting on a video goldmine that you can’t touch?

Clippn is a global leader in video curation and stock footage monetization. We can help you mine and refine your content for your own editorial needs and create new streams of revenue for your footage.

Clippn can:
• Take any video asset
• Curate it
• Identify & clip its value moments
• Tag it once for multiple purposes
• Deliver the raw assets and clips back to you
• Monetize it as stock footage

These are three typical scenarios where Clippn can work for you:
1. Curate your contributor (producer/shooter) content and deliver to you to spec
2. Curate and tag your archival and legacy content
3. Distribute your content to the stock footage market (including your own site)
Most organizations just don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to properly organize and tag their media – especially vast archives on legacy systems. This is where Clippn comes in. Our cloud­-based platform streamlines the process of ingest, curation, transcoding, and adding metadata to raw assets and clips, adding value to the footage at every step so it can be repurposed and even offered for sale through leading stock footage sites.

We can revitalize your video archives as well as process your new footage, giving you transparency and access that will save you time and make you money.

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