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 Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Agreement

We want you to shoot what you love, and our terms outlined in the Contributor Agreement are geared towards helping you build your clip library and optimizing sales.

Are there recurring fees or subscription fees?

Clippn charges a one-time signup fee for new contributors. After that, we take 50% of the sales commissions (after the distributors take their cut) only when clips sell. There are no subscription fees.

Why does Clippn charge a one-time fee for new contributors?

Clippn is a premium service and we recognize that it’s not for everyone. If you have the time and skills to curate, edit, tag, and distribute your content yourself for the world’s top sites, and you enjoy doing it, then Clippn might not be for you. But for everyone else, Clippn is a great solution to let people do more of what they love while we do all the rest – better and faster.

We invest a considerable amount of time and money into processing your footage in the hopes that you will have sales – that’s what Clippn is counting on, and we do everything we can to optimize revenue for you. Ultimately, the buyers tell us the value of your clips. The one-time signup fee for new contributors helps us offset some of the onboarding costs and ensures that you see the value in what we are doing. We want the best contributors who love to shoot and will upload amazing footage to us. When you consider the services we are providing and the level of expertise and dedication we are bringing to processing your footage, and if you decide the fee is worth all of that, then we want to work with you.

Why does Clippn have a 24 month exclusivity period for footage?

The exclusivity period applies only to the footage that you upload to Clippn and that we process into clips. You are always able to send your other footage, or footage that Clippn does not use, to distributors yourself. 

It takes time for clips to appear on our distributor sites, and once they’re there, it usually takes time to gain traction before you start seeing sales. This initial term - which starts when you upload to us - gives your clips a chance to find their audience and start building momentum. The exclusivity period also ensures that the same footage doesn’t get submitted to the same distributors or distributors that we might add in the future. This gives us more options to make you money.

Can I still send other footage to distributors myself?

Yes, you can always distribute footage that you haven’t sent to Clippn (or that we haven’t accepted) yourself. Clippn’s agreement covers only the footage that you send to us.

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