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Making money from stock footage can be hard. Clippn makes it easy.

Clippn turns raw video into ready-for-sale clips and distributes them to the world’s top sites:

How it Works

Upload Your Raw Footage

If you love to shoot with a high quality DSLR, Cinema, drone, or GoPro-style camera or if you are sitting on a ton of great footage, then Clippn is for you. Simply upload your raw footage in bulk and let us do the rest.

We Edit, Tag, and Distribute Clips

We'll edit and tag your footage, then distribute the clips to the world’s top sites. We do all the tedious work for you (including keywording!) so you can spend more time shooting.

You Make Money

You'll earn 50% on all sales after distributor commissions. That means the distributors take their cut and we split the rest with you, fair and square. We pay you once per month within 30 days of receiving payment from the distributor that sold the clip. 

Most Popular Questions

How Much Can I Make?

We're here to help you make as much as possible. It all comes down to quantity, quality, and variety. The more you upload, the more you can make.

What Should I Shoot?

We'll give you ideas of what to shoot and feedback on every upload so you can make the most money from your footage.

Is it Easily Manage my Account?

The Clippn dashboard gives contributors a system for success. Play clips, browse sales data including monthly payout history and how each clip is selling, and see where the clips have been distributed.

The one-time membership fee of $149.95 will give you access to many member benefits. 

There are no annual fees, no subscription fees, and no hidden charges. Simply pay the one-time sign up fee then sit back while your clips go to work. Only the footage which we turn into clips is exclusive to Clippn for 24 months (this gives them time to gain traction at the distributors). You can always upload your other footage elsewhere.

Download this eBook today!

Learn how the Clippn way can help you spend more time doing what you love

Member Benefits:

  • No editing or tagging required

  • Earn 50% of all sales (after distributor commissions)

  • Monthly payouts

  • Track sales across all distributors

  • Unlimited uploads

  • Upload once for distribution to multiple sites

  • You always own your own footage

  • Intuitive dashboard for productivity, training, and support

  • Amazingly simple upload wizard

  • Discounts on gear and services through Clippn partners

  • Upload anonymously

Clippn’s team of professional editors and taggers

Our team is comprised of professionally trained editors and taggers whose full time jobs are to produce high quality stock footage clips from your raw videos. With our experts on your team, you can rest assured that your footage is edited and tagged for maximum earning potential.

Clippn is doing all the work that no one wants to do. If I were to start over, I would use Clippn.

Robb Crocker, Author of Stock Footage Maillionaire and founder of Uberstock

How to Sell Stock Footage with Clippn

  • The more you shoot, the more you’ll sell

  • It all comes down to "Quantity, Quality, and Variety”

  • Tell a story

  • Follow simple best practices

  • Future-proof your content by shooting 4K

  • When you can, get model and property releases

  • Shoot what you love-let Clippn do the rest

Meet Tommy Bartlett

Clippn Contributor and Professional DP Tommy Bartlett only shoots what he loves doing. We met him in his backyard (a.k.a "The Cabin") in Hamilton, NJ and followed him on a lifestyle stock shoot.

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