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4 Reasons 4K Stock Footage is More Valuable Than Ever

4K video has been on the rise for a while now. Just as SD made way for HD, higher resolution video like 4K is gradually becoming the new standard. And the stock video market is following suit: 4K stock footage is more sought after than ever.

HD footage still sells, but when you shoot 4K, you’re effectively future-proofing your video, appealing to an even broader audience of potential buyers, and often making more money on each sale. Here are the 4 reasons you should start shooting your stock footage in 4K.

1) Growing Demand

If you were to go on any of the major stock video sites and search for “4K”, you’d find millions of clips. As of this writing, Shutterstock alone has over 1.9 million videos tagged as “4K.” And demand is surging, so if you’re debating whether investing in 4K equipment is worth it, the answer is probably yes.

2) 4K Usually Sells at a Premium

With the increased demand for 4K stock footage also comes the likelihood that it sells at a premium. On most stock video sites, 4K clips still sell for more than HD. And since many of the most popular video equipment brands are 4K standard, there hasn’t been a better time to make the upgrade.

3) It’s Future Proof

Technology is always evolving, and what was once hi-tech will eventually appear lo-tech. While we haven’t reached that point with HD yet, the clock is ticking. Thankfully, selling stock footage at 4K doesn’t preclude potential buyers from using it for an HD project, as well.

“Even if your end product will be 1080p,” says, “shooting 4K will deliver a higher quality downsampled image. Capturing four times the amount of information you need won’t produce an image that’s four times better looking, but the end result will be noticeably sharper.”

On top of that, if a buyer is exclusively looking for 4K clips, and you have those available in your stock video library, then you’re that much more likely to sell.

4) More Versatile

4K video has four times the resolution of Full-HD. Not only does a higher resolution make the video more versatile across multiple types (and sizes) of screens, but it also tends to screen better. Just look at this comparison from Panasonic:

Clippn understands the value of 4K stock footage, which is why we’ve included it in the five-star rating system we use when we curate, edit, and tag your footage.

We want to see your stock footage succeed. That’s why we take over all the busy work that no one wants to do so you can focus on what you’re good at. Instead of editing, tagging, and distributing your footage yourself to the world’s top stock video sites, become a Clippn distributor today and send us your raw footage. We’ll provide you personalized feedback on your content, edit and tag the footage into sales-ready clips, and then distribute it for you.

All you have to do is shoot what you love (in 4K, ideally) and let us take care of the rest.


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